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Jul 13, 2016 Press Release
July 13, 2016
Rep. Titus is co-sponsoring legislation to galvanize wind, solar, and geothermal development across the nation.
Jul 12, 2016 Press Release
July 12, 2016
Rep. Titus applauded the decision to include her provision to fight human trafficking in the FAA authorization extension, H. Res. 818.
Jul 11, 2016 Press Release
June 9, 2016
Congresswoman Titus recognized all the Nevadans who worked to have President Obama designate Basin and Range National Monument one year ago.
Jul 7, 2016 Press Release
July 7, 2016
Rep. Titus told a panel of House lawmakers that Nevada will not accept bribes in return for a nuclear waste dump 90 miles north of Las Vegas at Yucca Mountain.
Jul 6, 2016 Press Release
July 6, 2016
The legislation ensures that Nevada will remain a leader in developing drone standards and operations by reauthorizing the state as one of six UAS Test Sites through 2020.
Jul 4, 2016 Press Release
July 4, 2016
Congresswoman Titus asked Nevadans to take pause and reflect on the nation's past, present, and future on Independence Day.
Jun 27, 2016 Press Release
June 27, 2016
Rep. Titus issued a statement following the U.S. Supreme Court's 5-3 decision to strike down Texas' HB2.
Jun 24, 2016 Press Release
June 24, 2016
Rep. Titus joined celebrated the designation of the nation's first National Monument to recognize the LGBT civil rights movement.
Jun 23, 2016 Press Release
June 23, 2016
Rep. Titus presented the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs with a bill she's sponsoring that could save the VA $2.6 billion and cut wait times for veterans seeking benefits.
Jun 23, 2016 Press Release
June 23, 2016
The Supreme Court's 4-4 decision will keep families in the shadows.


May 9, 2016
Rep. Titus Leading the Way for Appeals Overhaul in House
May 6, 2016
Rep. Titus — ranking member of the House Veterans' Affairs subcommittee on disability assistance — introduced legislation to reform VA appeals process.
May 9, 2016
When to retire? For many baby boomers, the answer is ‘never’
May 5, 2016
The Review Journal asks Rep. Titus about her friend Arnold Stalk, founder of Veterans Village.
Apr 26, 2016
April 25, 2016
Rep. Titus recognizes students with Congressional Award for volunteering for community service and achieving personal development goals.
Apr 26, 2016
April 22, 2016
Rep. Titus hosts families to tell their stories about why the nation must reform its immigration policies.
Apr 20, 2016
Las Vegas Sun: GOP plan would kill immigrants’ American dreams
April 17, 2016
Rep. Titus' authored an op-ed on why immigration reform is vital to the community.
Feb 23, 2016
EDITORIAL: Getting a seat at the national highway table
January 25, 2016
Southern Nevada is on a bit of a roll.
Feb 23, 2016
Who's calling the shots to allow VA doctors to recommend medical marijuana?
January 27, 2016
Feb 23, 2016
Can Nevada meet water needs of big companies it’s luring? Experts think so
January 29, 2016
Feb 23, 2016
Hemp Supporters To Congress: Legalize It
January 2, 2016
Hemp proponents want lawmakers to lift the federal ban.
Feb 23, 2016
VA policy expires, but its doctors still can't talk about medical pot to patients
February 9, 2016
Nevada veterans hoping finally to talk frankly with their VA physicians about using marijuana as part of their medical treatment still cannot do so even though a federal policy that critics claim blocks such honest doctor-patient discussions expired Jan. 31.

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Apr 20, 2016 Video
April 20, 2016
Rep. Titus talks about the need to further the medical marijuana industry with federal laws to remove barriers to federal research, ensure access to banks for legitimate marijuana businesses, and more.
Jan 21, 2015 Video
January 21, 2015
Congresswoman Dina Titus spoke today on the House Floor in strong opposition to H.R. 36, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would ban abortions after 20 weeks.