Titus Statement on the Third Anniversary of the Affordable Care Act

Mar 22, 2013
Press Release

March 22, 2013

Las Vegas, NV - Congresswoman Dina Titus of Nevada’s First District released the following statement to mark the third anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, which falls tomorrow:

“In the three years since it was signed into law, the Affordable Care Act has given thousands of Nevadans the assurance that they will have the coverage they need at a cost they can afford. In our state 615,000 individuals with private insurance and 167,000 seniors with traditional Medicare now have access to critical preventive healthcare with no cost-sharing; seniors have saved $32.9 million on prescription drugs; and 33,000 young adults under 26 have been able to stay on their parents’ health insurance plans.

“And the fourth year will be even better.  Beginning in 2014, millions of Americans will gain access to affordable health insurance.  An estimated 465,000 non-elderly Nevadans will either qualify for Medicaid under the expansion or for tax credits to help them buy insurance in the health insurance exchanges.  Small businesses will have access to tax credits to help them provide their employees with insurance.  And insurance companies will no longer be able to impose any caps on coverage, deny care to adults with pre-existing conditions, or charge women higher premiums than men.

“We still have a lot more work to do to make healthcare more affordable for all Nevada families, but the Affordable Care Act has and will continue to reduce costs and improve care, providing security and stability to middle-class families.”