Titus Tours Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Apr 16, 2014
Press Release

April 16, 2014

San Francisco, CA – Today Congresswoman Dina Titus of Nevada’s First District toured the Apothecarium, a full-service medical cannabis dispensary located in San Francisco, California, to see firsthand how California is implementing its medical marijuana laws. Today marks the first day Clark County will accept dispensary applications, the only county in Nevada to begin the licensing process since the people of Nevada overwhelmingly voted to legalize medical marijuana in 2000. Nevada joins California and 18 states across the country permitting legal use of marijuana for medical purposes and 14 states allowing medical marijuana dispensaries.

“As Nevada begins to implement medical marijuana laws, we should learn from states, like California, that have already successfully put these regulations into place. Today’s tour highlights the importance of creating a regulatory climate that ensures consumers and businesses are protected while allowing this new industry to grow,” said Titus. “California and Nevada are two of 20 states that have adopted medical marijuana laws and accompanying regulations, creating a legal patchwork of conflicting state, local, and federal statutes. As more states join California and Nevada in adopting medical marijuana laws and accompanying regulations, it is essential that Congress address the issue to preserve states’ rights and ensure patients and businesses are protected from federal prosecution.”