VIDEO: A 4/20 Message from Rep. Titus: Puff Puff Pass Those Laws

Apr 20, 2016

Text of Message:

"Hello, I am Dina Titus, your representative from Nevada’s First Congressional District.

"Today is the 20th of April,

"Or as you may know it, 4/20, a date that often sparks the celebration of marijuana through the lens of American counterculture and folklore.

"But we shouldn’t just think of today in terms of lava lamps and Day-Glo posters. Marijuana can also help people suffering from PTSD, epilepsy, and cancer.

"So today is a reminder of how much work must be done to ensure that we lay a strong foundation for the future of the medical marijuana industry.

"We must continue to find a balance where patients get the treatments they need, competition grows in the health care sector, and the small business community prospers.

"In a few short years Nevada has enacted regulations for the growth and sale of medical marijuana; Las Vegas’s first dispensaries are now open for business and residents can receive medical cards after approval by a doctor.

"While Nevada is up and running, there is a gap between what’s happening at home and what’s happening in Washington. 

"That’s why I am working to address concerns about banking, research, and safe access in the marijuana industry.  

"With legislation and other congressional efforts, I have helped ensure the Justice Department won’t target patients and legal medical marijuana businesses.

"I have called on the VA to change its policies so veterans and their doctors can talk about medical marijuana as a potential treatment.

"Last week I joined a bipartisan group requesting the government remove barriers for federal marijuana research. I am also supporting legislation to ensure that marijuana businesses have access to banking services.

"These are a few steps that can go a long way. So stand with me and tell Congress to join the majority of states and pass laws that will help this industry grow. Puff, puff, pass those bills."