KTNV: Reactions to President Trump's Supreme Court Choice

Feb 9, 2017
In The News

Several leaders and groups around Nevada have released statements regarding President Trump's nominee for Supreme Court.

Rep. Dina Titus releases a statement on Trump’s Supreme Court nominee

Washington, D.C. –Today Rep. Dina Titus of Nevada’s First Congressional District issued the following statement on President Donald Trump’s nomination of United States Appeals Court Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“It cannot be forgotten that Republicans took unprecedented measures to politicize and obstruct the confirmation of President Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland. Those actions resulted in what is a stolen Supreme Court seat that favors extremists and will have lasting repercussions for our democracy. Judge Gorsuch is the wrong choice for the future of our country. His presence on the nation’s highest court jeopardizes women’s health care, collective bargaining, environmental protections, campaign finance reform, LGBT rights, and voter access, among other vital issues for the American people. We need a justice who will represent the values of all Americans – not the political priorities of an elite few.” 

ACS President Caroline Fredrickson made the following statement:

“For nearly a year we have had a consensus nominee, one respected and held in high regard for his moderate judicial philosophy on both sides of the aisle, in Chief Judge Merrick Garland. But instead of doing what’s right for the country, the Senate majority has spent the better part of a year playing politics through unprecedented obstruction. President Trump has applied a series of litmus tests to this candidate, raising concerns about whether he will be able to fairly evaluate cases. Although the Constitution established an independent and co-equal federal judiciary, Republicans have politicized the Supreme Court, doing serious damage to our democracy.” 

Annette Magnus, of Nevadans for Judicial Progress, released the following statement.

“This nomination proves just how out of touch President Trump really is. By nominating Judge Neil Gorsuch for a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court, President Trump is once again putting wealthy special interests ahead of the needs of average Americans. Gorsuch wants to give unelected judges more power to strike down federal regulations that protect consumers and the environment. He has repeatedly sided with big business instead of workers. Gorsuch has also ruled against women’s access to contraception and thrown out sexual harassment lawsuits. With more Americans speaking out against the use of force by law enforcement, Gorsuch favors giving police immense latitude.

Like Trump’s other nominees, Gorsuch would advance the interests of a few at the expense of the many. He would likely continue the Supreme Court’s trend of ruling in favor of corporations and against American workers and consumers.”

United States Senator Dean Heller released the following statement:

“Tonight, President Trump announced Neil Gorsuch as his nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States, and I hope to fill this vacancy with a well-qualified candidate who supports a conservative judicial philosophy. I look forward to meeting with Neil Gorsuch and vetting his qualifications as we begin this important process. It’s critical this seat is occupied by someone who can live up to the legacy of the late Justice Antonin Scalia,” said United States Senator Dean Heller.

Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt issued the following statement:

“I commend the president on his nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. From his 10 years of experience as a federal circuit court judge who decided thousands of cases to his time at the Department of Justice, Judge Gorsuch has a proven track record of faithfully upholding the Constitution, maintaining the separation of powers, and respecting that the proper role of a judge is to say what the law is, not what it should be. Like Justice Scalia whose seat he will fill, Judge Gorsuch follows the text and original meaning of the Constitution, and will serve the American people well. I urge Congress to approve his nomination without delay.” 

Nevada Republican Party Chair Michael J. McDonald issued the following statement.

“I congratulate Judge Neil Gorsuch on his nomination to the United States Supreme Court. Judge Gorsuch will serve as a mainstream conservative voice, who will faithfully uphold the Constitution and protect our individual rights. In selecting Judge Gorsuch, President Donald J. Trump is fulfilling one of his greatest campaign promises to the American people by ensuring the Supreme Court will once again have nine justices.

“Democrats have a responsibility to our country to respect the will of the American people by giving Justice Gorsuch the same fair consideration as has been granted to other nominees of newly elected presidents. I strongly urge Senator Catherine Cortez Masto and her Democrat colleagues to allow the American people their rightful voice on the future of our nation’s highest court and support this thoughtful and qualified choice.”