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Appropriations Requests

I want to hear from you about how Congress should appropriate funds for federal programs, supporting our infrastructure, investing in R&D, and more.

What would you like to see come to Southern Nevada? Members of Congress can submit the following three types of appropriations requests:

  • Programmatic Requests: A request for general support or funding for a program.
  • Language Requests: A request to add language to the bill or report to accompany the bill which generally does not include dollar amounts.
  • Community Project Funding (CPF) Requests: A request to direct funds to a specific state or local government or eligible non-profit recipient.

Please note that at this time my office is only accepting programmatic funding requests and community project funding requests. Language requests should be made following the President's budget release in early March.

Links to the relevant appropriations request forms can be found below, and will be updated accordingly as guidance becomes available from the Committee.

I look forward to hearing from District One as Congress appropriates funding for Fiscal Year 2024.