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Protecting the Environment and Stopping Yucca Mountain

Due to decades of inaction and the denial of science, we are running out of time to address the climate crisis. Continuing on that path would have unacceptable and irreversible consequences on the planet and our people. I support a transition to a clean energy economy that could create millions of good-paying jobs while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Additionally, I am leading the fight in Congress to prevent Nevada from becoming the dumping ground for the nation’s nuclear waste. As part of my efforts to block any effort to revitalize Yucca Mountain, I have introduced the Nuclear Waste Informed Consent Act which would prohibit the U.S. Department of Energy from establishing a nuclear waste dump without the consent of locally impacted communities, governments, and tribes. The attempts to move forward with the unsafe, unsound storage of nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain are based on dirty politics, not sound science. Nevada doesn’t use nuclear power, we don’t produce nuclear waste, and we shouldn’t be forced to store it.