Ten GOP Fairness Fails

Oct 15, 2013
Press Release

Yesterday morning, Speaker Boehner said of his party, "...it's pretty clear that what our Members want is fairness for the American people." But a look at the Republican record shows more fairness fails then meaningful efforts to increase equal opportunity for all people.

  1. Women continue to earn 77 cents for every dollar a man does
  2. Cash payments to GOP Congressional Members while cutting SNAP for hungry children
  3. Lots of restrictions for voting…Few on fundraising
  4. Tells government to stay out of personal life, except when it comes to who you love
  5. Protects Big Oil tax breaks Cuts funding for American infrastructure
  6. Polls are skewed if they don’t support the GOP extremist positions
  7. Supports domestic abuse laws…unless you are Native American, an Immigrant, or LGBT
  8. Protects interest rates for Wall Street while bankrupting students
  9. Cuts Meals on Wheels for the needy…Deems Member’s only gym “Essential
  10. Complain about fairness, so let’s change the rules