Titus letter to BLM on Red Rock

Aug 22, 2017
Press Release

August 22, 2017

Las Vegas – Today Rep. Dina Titus of Nevada’s First Congressional District released a letter she wrote to Bureau of Land Management Acting Director Michael D. Nedd to address the proposed fee increases for access at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. 

Below is the text of her letter and attached is a copy:

Dear Acting Director Nedd,

I am writing in regards to proposed fee increases for access to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area located in Southern Nevada. You will soon review these fee increases as part of the new business plan being developed for Red Rock. These changes are significant, and I want to ensure that the justification for any increases and their potential impact on visitors and local residents are well understood before any final decisions are made. It is also critical that the BLM listens to these voices should the process move forward. 

The Bureau of Land Management Budget Justification for Fiscal Year 2018 includes nearly $10,000,000 in cuts for the National Conservation Lands programs, a roughly 25% decrease in funding. Red Rock is one of the most popular areas within the NCL system, welcoming nearly 2.5 million visitors annually. One might question whether the President’s budget combined with this major fee increase is simply fee shifting.

Outdoor recreation is a vital part of Southern Nevada’s economy. In fact, 1 out of every 5 of the more than 42 million visitors to Las Vegas visits one of our area national parks, monuments, and conservation areas. Eight million visitors entered BLM areas alone in 2015. Altogether, the region’s public lands generated over $400 million dollars to the area economy. It is essential that we are do not discourage visitors and especially the more than 2 million local residents from accessing one of Las Vegas’ closest and most important natural resources. 

Again I hope, as this business plan is reviewed and finalized, that any final decision recognizes the importance that Red Rock plays in our economy and the opportunity it provides my constituents and millions of visitors to see one of our nation’s unique and beautiful places.


Rep. Dina Titus