Titus Renews Commitment to War on Poverty

Jan 8, 2014
Press Release

January 8, 2014

Washington, D.C. - Congresswoman Dina Titus of Nevada’s First District released the following statement on the 50th Anniversary of President Johnson’s 1964 State of the Union address declaring War on Poverty. To mark the Anniversary, Titus will deliver one of 50 commemorative speeches on the House floor in an effort to highlight federal efforts to eliminate poverty. Titus will deliver remarks on January 15.
“Fifty years ago today, President Lyndon Johnson declared an 'unconditional War on Poverty' and established landmark programs such as Head Start, Medicare, and Job Corps that were designed to give all Americans the opportunity to succeed. These programs have cut poverty by one-third since 1967 and have helped millions of Americans not just survive but thrive.  
“Despite the progress that has been made, our work is far from done. In Nevada, 18 percent of women, 12 percent of seniors, and 24 percent of children continue to live in poverty.  What’s more, recent cuts to SNAP and Unemployment Insurance have placed even greater hardship on millions already struggling to make ends meet. Denying these vital lifelines is not only morally indefensible; it’s also economically short-sighted. In order to move forward toward President Johnson’s vision, we must strengthen, not gut, the programs that protect and empower millions of people every day, giving everyone in this great country an equal opportunity to succeed.”