Titus Statement on Appropriations Subcommittee Votes on Failed Yucca Mountain Project

Apr 15, 2015
Press Release

April 15, 2015  

Washington, DC – Today Congresswoman Dina Titus of Nevada’s First Congressional District released the following statement in regards to the House Appropriations’ Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies’ consideration of the Fiscal Year 2016 Energy & Water Appropriations bill.

“The Energy & Water Subcommittee demonstrated a lack of judgement in the drafting of this bad bill, and doubled down by moving it to the full Committee with hundreds of millions of dollars more for the boondoggle of a project known as Yucca Mountain. Worse yet, the bill includes hush-money to try and buy off Nevada communities to support this dangerous endeavor. Nevada is not for sale. Our state does not have a single nuclear power plant, did not create this problem, and should never be the nation’s nuclear waste dumping ground. I urge the members of the full Committee to remove the Yucca language and concentrate on investments that move our nation forward, not backwards, when it comes to addressing our energy challenges. Any Members in our delegation who are open to even entertaining the idea of this dangerous project should be ashamed.”