Titus Statement on Today’s Supreme Court Hearing on Marriage Equality

Apr 28, 2015
Press Release

April 28, 2015

Washington, DC – Dina Titus, Congresswoman of Nevada’s First District and member of the House Equality Caucus, released the following statement regarding today’s oral arguments of Obergefell v. Hodge before the Supreme Court. Obergefell v. Hodge is a consolidation of various cases challenging states’ bans on same-sex marriage and refusal to recognize valid same-sex marriages performed in other states. 

“Nearly two years ago, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled on United States v. Windsor, essentially striking down the so-called Defense of Marriage Act and bringing federal recognition to the marriages of same-sex couples. Twenty-two months later, we have come to another critical moment in the fight for nationwide marriage equality. These cases before the Supreme Court may very well ensure that no American, regardless of the state he or she calls home, is denied equal protection under the law. I am confident that, once again, the Court will rule in favor of equality for all, and uphold the ideals that make this country great.”

Representative Titus is a leader on civil rights. A member of the House Equality Caucus, she is spearheading the effort to ensure that our nation’s veterans and military families have access to all the federal benefits they have earned and deserve from the Veterans Administration (VA), regardless of where they live. Outdated federal law prevents the VA from extending all federal benefits to legally-married, same-sex couples living in states that do not recognize that marriage. In response, Representative Titus introduced the bipartisan Veteran Spouses Equal Treatment Act to correct this injustice.