Titus Votes to Reopen the Government and Avert Default

Oct 16, 2013
Press Release

October 16, 2013

“Today I voted to reopen the government, put people back to work, and protect our country from an unprecedented financial crisis,” said Titus. “This bill is not perfect, but it ends the harmful brinkmanship that held our government hostage for almost three weeks. That action by Republicans cost our country $160 million a day, created uncertainty for businesses, threatened critical services to the most vulnerable, and undermined Nevada’s economic recovery.

“Americans are fed up with the political obstructionism and dysfunction that shutdown our government and brought us to the brink of default. Congress must now refocus and move forward on the issues most pressing to the American people, like passing comprehensive immigration reform, creating jobs, and reforming our tax code to make it more equal for the middle class.”