Video: Rep. Titus Celebrates Black History Month

Feb 18, 2016
Press Release



"Hello: I am Dina Titus, your representative from Nevada’s First District. Please join me in celebrating Black History Month by honoring the African American community at events throughout Las Vegas this February.  This month is a time for us to reflect, remember and respect those who sacrificed so much to ensure equal rights for future generations. 

"I want to thank longtime community leaders like  Anna and the late Bob Bailey, Ruby Duncan, Senator Joe Neal, and others who are the real Civil Rights heroes of Southern Nevada. I also want to say what a privilege it is to work alongside Georgia Rep. John Lewis, a statesman who has left an indelible mark on this country’s history.  

"Today it is almost unthinkable that some Americans still are not afforded the full value of freedom, citizenship, and suffrage. Sadly, though, opposition still exists. There are forces that want to seal off access to the political process. We’ve seen rulings in the Supreme Court that have rolled back voter protections and laws passed by state legislatures that would add barriers to voting, like ID requirements and shortening early voting periods.  

"That’s why my House Democratic colleagues and I are committed to fighting this effort and instead increasing access to civic participation. For example, I recently signed onto a resolution that recognizes the 146th anniversary of the 15th Amendment’s ratification, which secured the right to vote for African Americans. I’ve also co-sponsored legislation that would reinstate voter protections from the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and overturn the Citizens United decision that allows money to buy elections. 

"So please consider me an advocate and a friend when it comes to protecting our civil rights and liberties, growing our middle class, expanding access to high quality education, and promoting policies that empower all people. I’m pleased to recognize Black History Month and hope you will join me in celebrating the many contributions the African American community has made in District One and throughout our country. Thank you."