Rep. Titus Statement on Reported Russian Bounties on U.S. Troops

Jun 29, 2020
Press Release

June 29, 2020

Washington, D.C. – Representative Dina Titus of Nevada’s First Congressional District, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, released the following statement in response to several media reports that President Trump failed to act after his Administration learned that Russia offered Taliban fighters payments in exchange for killing U.S. troops: 

“Defending our men and women in uniform is the commander in chief’s most basic responsibility,” said Congresswoman Titus (NV-1). “If the media reports are true, President Trump looked the other way while allowing Vladimir Putin to reward Taliban fighters for killing U.S. troops. President Trump's claim of ignorance about this apparent intelligence raises serious questions about whether he is adequately informed about other possible threats to the American people. The Administration must immediately provide a full briefing to Congress on this situation.”