Titus Calls on Governor to Take Immediate Action on Behalf of Nevada’s Veterans

Jan 23, 2014
Press Release

January 23, 2014

Las Vegas, NV - Congresswoman Dina Titus of Nevada’s First District sent a letter to Governor Brian Sandoval today requesting an independent investigation of the Nevada State Veterans Home following recent reports of patient mistreatment at the Veterans Home in Boulder City. Titus has also called on the United States Veterans Administration to conduct an investigation of the Nevada State Veterans Home.
“Our nation’s heroes deserve the highest quality of care; anything less is just unacceptable,” said Titus. “I am very troubled to hear reports of appalling mistreatment and insufficient care experienced by Nevada State Veterans Home residents.  We must use all of the tools at our disposable to address this issue and ensure no other veteran suffers similar treatment.”
The following is a copy of Congresswoman Titus’s letter to Governor Sandoval: 
Dear Governor Sandoval,
I write to ask that you initiate an independent investigation of the Nevada State Veterans Home. As you know, Nevada receives funding from the United States Veterans Administration to operate the facility, providing a safe and caring environment for some of our nation’s heroes residing in Nevada. I am concerned veterans are not receiving care that is fitting of their stature and service to our nation. 
Recently very troubling accusations have been raised regarding the treatment of residents at the Veterans Home. A local media outlet reported that a World War II hero, Dr. Bob Robinson, passed away from health conditions resulting from irresponsible care provided at the Veterans Home. Dr. Robinson, who served in the Nevada Assembly and Senate, received 2nd degree burns on his legs after prolonged exposure to the elements. He ultimately died as a result of these burns. While one of the most serious allegations raised against the facility, Dr. Robinson’s case is unfortunately not unique. In 2013, the Veterans Home received nine citations related to the treatment of patients. 
I have spoken with Dr. Robinson’s family, and I am concerned other veterans and their families could endure similar treatment. I ask that you begin an independent investigation to ensure that the Veterans Home is in full compliance with all applicable rules and regulations and that you publish these findings. To ensure full compliance with regulations, I have also asked the United States Veterans Administration to conduct an investigation of the Veterans Home. 
Dina Titus
Member of Congress