Titus Statement on Introduction of Rep. Curbelo’s “Bump Stocks” Bill

Oct 10, 2017
Press Release

October 10, 2017

Washington, D.C. – Today Congresswoman Dina Titus of Nevada’s First Congressional District released the following statement on legislation introduced by Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo of Florida to address “bump stocks.”

“Last week I joined with Democrat Rep. David Cicilline of Rhode Island to introduce H.R. 3947, the Automatic Gunfire Prevention Act, which bans ‘bump stocks’ and other devices that allow semi-automatic weapons to mimic fully automatic weapons. That legislation comes from a bill I cosponsored last Congress and seeks to prevent future acts of gun violence. Rep. Curbelo’s bill almost mirrors the Automatic Gunfire Prevention Act, but it carries weaker penalties for criminal violators. There is no reason to undermine our position at this point just to satisfy the NRA.

"Bipartisan bills are only as good as the policies they address. That is why when the President visited my district in the days after the attack, I hand-delivered a letter from 96 members of the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force urging the President to meet with us to discuss how we can address the senseless gun violence impacting communities across the nation.

"In addition, I am continuing to work with Republican Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick and a bipartisan group of members on a proposal to subject these kinds of dangerous devices to the strictest of regulation. This legislation is based on proven, existing regulations under the National Firearms Act, and I am hopeful that the final product will be one that I can support.

"Since the massacre in Las Vegas on October 1st,   more than 800 people have been shot in the United States with approximately 250 of those victims dying from those incidents. Gun violence has no one solution, but I am committed to efforts to address this epidemic that continues to plague our nation. We cannot wait any longer before we act.”